Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dilli Dally - Part 4

Hmm.. finally I've had a pretty much eventless week. Except for the 2 movies that i watched, i've done almost nothing (outside of work that is), this entire week. So i thought i'l do some other analysis of Gurgaon :D

Getting around

Surprise Surprise!. There are no autorickshaws in Gurgaon. Nor proper city bus service. So how do you get around? Simple. Take the cycle-rickshaw. These are actually more expensive than autos. Remember, autos in Delhi are CNG, so they're really cheap - only 4Rs/Km. But they hardly use the meter. But thats a different story altogether. They are so slow, you feel you could get down and push the auto.

Back to the cycle-rickshaw, they charge some 25-30 rs for a 10 minute ride. I was at first kind-of scared to climb one. But then got used to it and its not so bad. Whats better; everyone uses it in Gurgaon so no problems :)

Pet Pooja

Well, there's not been too much of eating outside this week either. While looking for my favorite food joints, I noticed that out here, the concept of "local chains" is yet to catch up; and i'm not talkng only about food joints. I mean the big names do have their chain outlets - PVR, Barista, Coffe Day etc. But I dint find any equivalent to Namma Bengalooru's Corner House or Sweet Chariot or G.K.Vale or Shanti Sagar. Not that its a big deal.. just an observation.


This guest house is very close to the highway where the expressway construction is taking place. Whats so bad about that? Of course all the dust. I dont even wanna think about it :(

Also, the traffic jams are getting worse. With the deadline for the expressway being extended by 6 months, i dread to think of the consequences. It sometimes takes me more than half an hour for a 3 km drive to one of the offices. Thats because its on the other side of the highway. U have to travel a long way to even get to a U-turn. On the other hand, another office which is 8-10 kms away, but for which I dont have to cross the highway, is only 15 mins drive!

Its Weekend

As I mentioned already, I watched 2 movies this weekend. I watched Lage Raho on Saturday morning and Pyar Ke Side Effects on Sunday evening. You can read the blogs at the above links. And what better way to finish off a weekend than play half an hour of TT and after strugging a bit, hitting he smashes spot-on ;)

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Abhi said...

Hey, Amazing travelogue...

Found time to read it only now.. Sooper knowledge gaining for ppl like us who have never visited places up north...