Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dilli Dally - Part 5

Hmm.. posting this one after a looong time. This is attributable in major part to my laziness, and in minor part to my home trip last weekend. Actually, there's not been too much to blog about too. So expect this edition to be a short one.

hmm..over past 3 weeks, there hasnt been too much of activity or sight seeing or anything here in Gurgaon. Its only been office during the weekdays and malls during weekends. Movies, ice creams and shopping, especially books. I found this amazing book store called OM Book Store in a mall in Gurgaon. Its not very big but the collection they have is amazing. We spent alomst 2 hours there and were still not satisfied.. planning to return and do more book-hunting.

The only hectic period was when I was home during the month-end. Had a great time. Spent quality time with family. Also spent quality time with friends. Mom pointed out one little trvia: This was the first time I had been away from my brother for such a long period of time. Right since childhood, we have spent most of our time together. Even when we were away from parents (when we were staying in hostel for 2 years), we were still with each other.

Anyway, now that I'm back in Delhi, its back to the same old schedule. The only exception is the extra caution I am forced to excercise because of this dengue menace. Chalo thats it for now. Visit back for more next weekend.

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