Sunday, October 15, 2006

Dilli Dally - Part 6

Hmm..another largely boring week.. EXCEPT.. except for the weekend party :-) :-). More about that below.

Most of the week has been spent in work... this week i've even been working late nights, but from my room; thankfully not from office. Much of the week has also been spent in trying to decide if I should go home for diwali.. but i've more or less made up my mind that i will not go.

Now for the juicy part :D

Where's the Party Tonight??

On Saturday evening, a team party had been arranged at an open-air "Garden" kind of venue. Had a great time. Dont be fooled when I say "team party'. This is a huge team..with hundreds of members, and the party was for family too. .so many people had come with their families.

The event actually started early like around 4:30. But we reached around 7. I guess before that most of the events were for kids. That gets us to the topic of kids. They were everywhere. And they were having just as good a time as we adults. There was a magic show arranged for them. There were also the various cartoon characters around. It feels so good to so many kids enjoying :)

Well, when we reached the crowds had not yet started coming in. There were some games going on for ladies - like catwalking competition. This was followed by a paper-dance competition and a limbo dance. The limbo was real good and the guy who won it had an awesome technique.

After these competitions, the band took the stage. I think i'l refrain from being cruel to the band and just say that they were not good (although they deserve more negatives than that). We took to the dance floor but were immediately put off by the kind of songs they were playing. I took some rest and had my fill of eye-candy ;-). But my friend kept dancing and soon, the band was replaced by a DJ. Immediately, he started playing dance numbers and Punjabi songs. This time, I did some serious and furious steps.

That famished me and I decided that i'm gnna have dinner and leave. But just as I had finished dinner, they started playing awesome dance numbers and we just couldnt resist. Added to that, my whole team had gathered on the (rather crowded, I must add) dance floor. They just pulled me into the group. And I showed them that I'm not the quite guy I seem to be :D.

Well by 11 pm I was just dead tired. We just flopped into the car. By the time I reached home I realised that my whole body was aching :(. Of course that was excuse enough to sleep till 11 am this morning :)

Sunday - Laze around Day

Thats exactly what I did whole day today. Caught the cricket match in afternoon. What a shame. Indians almost once again snatched defeat from the jaws of victory! Anyway, this must be the first Sunday since I came here that I spent indoors. Dint go out anywhere the whole day.

Rounding off the day by writing this blog. Hopefully next week i'l hv more to write home about.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dilli Dally - Part 5

Hmm.. posting this one after a looong time. This is attributable in major part to my laziness, and in minor part to my home trip last weekend. Actually, there's not been too much to blog about too. So expect this edition to be a short one.

hmm..over past 3 weeks, there hasnt been too much of activity or sight seeing or anything here in Gurgaon. Its only been office during the weekdays and malls during weekends. Movies, ice creams and shopping, especially books. I found this amazing book store called OM Book Store in a mall in Gurgaon. Its not very big but the collection they have is amazing. We spent alomst 2 hours there and were still not satisfied.. planning to return and do more book-hunting.

The only hectic period was when I was home during the month-end. Had a great time. Spent quality time with family. Also spent quality time with friends. Mom pointed out one little trvia: This was the first time I had been away from my brother for such a long period of time. Right since childhood, we have spent most of our time together. Even when we were away from parents (when we were staying in hostel for 2 years), we were still with each other.

Anyway, now that I'm back in Delhi, its back to the same old schedule. The only exception is the extra caution I am forced to excercise because of this dengue menace. Chalo thats it for now. Visit back for more next weekend.