Sunday, September 10, 2006

Dilli Dally - Part 3

Well well well.. every week seems to be more eventful that the last. Thats good isnt it :).

Well, after last weekend's heavy rain pounding Delhi, the roads have only worsened. Potholes forming everywhere.. and the potholes here are the size of a swimming pool. However, the weather has been a let down. The rains had brought down the temperature but only temporarily. Now its back to the hot days and hot nights.


Well, this week also has thrown up a few interesting eat-outs. One was dinner at a road-side dhaba along the MG Road (uhmm.. Delhi must be the only city in the world where MG road does not mean Mahatma Gandhi road - its Mehrauli-Gurgaon road). The dhaba is called "Sip-n-Byte". The food was ultimate, or maybe we felt that way because we were really hungry. Its reasonably hygienic and reasonably priced too. Nothing like a good dinner after a hard days work.

I had lunch twice at a Haldiram's. Nice place. Self-service. Good food. Today i FINALLY had the legendary "Matka Kulfi". Really loved it.

Then there was this team dinner at a restaurant called "The Fox". This place is extremely expensive. The food was okie-dokie kinda. But what I liked about this place was the atmosphere. There was a band playing for about an hour - a guy and 2 girls. They sang quite a few popular songs - Words, I have a Dream, Hotel California etc. Their performance set me thinking. They seemed really talented, the guy had an amazing voice. But what were they doing singing at a hotel? I personally feel they belong somewhere higher at a stage where they'l be noticed. They also seemed well-to-do. Maybe they just sang for passion, not to make a living. I also heard that most of the bands that play in Delhi hotels are comprised of Philipinos. Anyway the band has left a question mark for me.

Moving on, yesterday at Connaught Place, I wanted to cool out but dint want to go to the usual Coffee Days or Baristas. I found a place called Wimpy's. It was a reasonably good place. Just had finger fries with some dessert.

Weekend Time-Pass:

Yesterday evening, I had my first trip in Delhi Metro. Was quite impressed with it too. Read all about it here.

Today, I shifted to the Gurgaon guest house. I spent last week commuting between Kalkaji and Gurgaon everyday and spending almost 3 hours per day on that. So decided to shift here. The new Guest House is really cool. Its in an apartment complex which has 5-6 buildings of 20 floors each. The complex has a swimming pool and all. In the evening, I saw some kind of mini-program where there was a mike and an Emcee who was organizing games and the children from the colony were having a great time, singing and dancing and playing musical chairs. Only thing is the room is much smaller than the previous guest house.

Soon after shifting into this room, I went to what is called the "Mall Mile" in Gurgaon. There are half-a-dozen malls within 10 minutes walk of each other. I initially thought I'd catch Lage Raho Munnabhai; but as expected its all sold out. So i just thought i'd shop for formal shirts. After 2+ hours of walking in and out of shops and malls, i realised that I just wont get the right size for me. Most shops had a minimum of size 39 and even those who had 38, I wasnt completely convinced its the right size for me. The only way out for me is to have the shirts tailored :(. I was really frustrated, disappointed, disillusioned.... well, thats all that my vocabulary allows me.. but you get the idea. Not even a Choc-a-Vloc at the Coffee Day could cheer me up. I desperately need to put on weight. Else, i'l never be able to wear the John Players and the Park Avenues and the Arrows etc etc.

Looking Forward:

Well, next week promises to be less strenuous since my travel time will be like 30 minutes per day instead of 3 hours. I also hope to catch that movie probably next weekend. Also in the pipeline is a longer Metro ride, more shopping and that ever-elusive Taj trip. Read all about it next weekend. Ciao.


Ashish said...

Cool - u seem to makin da best of it at Delhi - when u have a chance, check out all da historical places, stuff like memorials, also planetariums if any, some good theatres etc etc... just suggestions to remove ur boredom re.. [:)]... there is another place u can pay a visit if u have any friends there - IITD... try to chk it out...


Kiran said...


Already checking out historical places like India Gate.. i mean like its on the way to CP..i dint get down and all.. but had seen it once in the evening..Its really awesome with the lighting and all!

And IIT also I had gone inside campus last time when I had come here.. we have a small office there. I was spellbound with the campus man :)

Reeta Skeeter said...

delhi rockz!