Sunday, September 03, 2006

Dilli Dally - Part 2

All right, so this week was more eventful than last week :). So here is the weekly account


The weather is becoming increasingly bearable here. It started drizzling a few days back. And yestreday the drizzles grew into a full-blown thunderstorm, with winds and all. That has succeeded in getting down the temperature quite a bit. Plus now i'm seeing semblance of 'breeze', which was non existent all these days.

Culinary adventures

Well, after coming to Delhi, I have indulged in quite a few of these. Surprisingly, except one Chinese restaurant and one meal in a Pizza Hut, all others have been in South Indian restaurants! There's a chain of Southi restaurants called Sagar Ratna here in Delhi, and the "Thali" served there is quite good, i've already had it thrice. Other than that, the food at a place called Andhra Pradesh Bhavan is too good. This is actually the canteen at the AP Bhavan (all states have their respective houses near the India Gate area - this one was the 'house' of AP). There's no menu and all, u take a token for either veg or non-veg. The food was just too good.

Finally, today I had been to this place called "Saravana Bhavan". Apparently, its quite famous in Tamil Nadu. They even have branches abroad. Its like the Udupi or Kamat hotels of Karnataka. I again had a "Thali" and it was simply amazing. I had never thought i'd get such good South Indian food outside South India :)

Sight Seeing

Went to Akshardham temple today. Did not spend much time since it was very hot. But i was really impressed by the place. Actually, its not only a temple but a whole cultural complex. We thought its just a temple and so left our footwear in the car. Truth is that you only need to remove your footwear when going inside the temple. Rest of the complex you can have ur footwear on. Anyway since we had visited just past noon and walking on the stone walkways without footwear we almost got blisters. So we just did a quick tour thats all. But this quick tour itself has wowed me. The place is H-U-G-E. I'l probably visit the place again and check out the various exhibitions. Thats when i'l post more details. Sad part is photography is NOT allowed inside the complex, so i tried to get a shot from the car park and it dnt come out decent.

Well, thats about it for this week. Shall hopefully post more next week. Things still pending are the Metro ride and the Taj visit. Looking forward to next weekend for these activities :)

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