Sunday, August 27, 2006

Dilli Dally

I thought I’ll start writing a weekly blog for this Delhi trip. In this first installment, I’ll also include snippets from my previous trip in June-end. But I don’t know where to start cuz there’s so much to write. Well, I’ll make an effort to make sense, but don’t blame me if I don’t :D


Last time I had been here, it was extremely hot. When I had alighted from the plane at 6:30 pm, the temperature had been like 36 deg. This time was no different. I have kind of gotten used to the A/C everywhere - in car, office, Guest House and everything in between. But the power cut problem here has made me realize how much power I have been wasting. The backup inverter in the Guest House is only sufficient to run the lights and fans, but not TV and A/C. And I found out that the fan is sufficient most of the time. The A/C is needed only on exceptionally hot days.

It’s also raining in very short spells in Delhi. Not that it brings down the temperature in any miniscule way. No. Also, when it rains here, it rains only in very small pockets.

Finally, since it’s not very humid here, you don’t even sweat. That’s real bad for your skin.


Food here is generally costlier here than in anywhere in South India. For example, in the company canteen, a normal vegetarian lunch costs 40 rupees. And the quality is nowhere close to what it is back home.

It’s the same story in restaurants. A plate meal in a restaurant comparable to, say, Shanti Sagar will cost around 70-80 rupees, plus VAT. Breakfast at my guest house is 50 bucks and lunch/dinner is 80.

Coming to quality, the cook at my guest house is damn good. The food is so tasty here, that I actually try to avoid eating out as much as possible. But the same cannot be said about the canteen food or about the restaurants.

Spending time:

During weekdays I don’t find it hard to spend time. The morning is as usual spent in getting ready and all. In evenings, normally I get back to the room just around dinner time. Even if I come early, I either watch TV for some time, or take a walk around here for time pass.

After dinner, there’s normally some work to do. Like if I couldn’t complete some task at office, I try to do it after dinner. Else, I watch TV.

But the problem is during weekends. My first weekend is not yet over and I’m already dreading to think I’ll spend the remaining weekends. On Saturday, I spent about an hour at Nehru place (Its bang opposite the road from where I stay), half an hour at Palika Bazaar and more than an hour circling around Connaught Place. In spite of that when I returned to the room I was feeling bored to death in the evening. I also missed my home terribly yesterday evening. So I have decided. Henceforth, unless I have some concrete plans on weekend like shopping or sight seeing, I’ll go to office. That’s better as I can at least get some work done.

I’m planning to visit Agra and Akshardham temple among other places. Also plan to take a ride on the Delhi Metro if possible. Had gone to the metro station on Saturday with the hope of getting a train to some station near to my guest house. But it turned out there’s no station near to this Kalkaji. Anyway next time I get a chance, I’ll just board the Metro for the heck of it. Just go from one station to some other station 10 kms away and return J

Traffic and Infrastructure:

When I had visited Delhi last time, I had returned home impressed with the infrastructure. But that impression has not lasted long. This time, I’m being introduced to the other side of the coin. The roads and traffic sense in Gurgaon is very commendable. On the other hand, the roads around Okhla leave a lot to be desired. Also, its Okhla is among the dirtiest and filthiest surroundings I have seen in recent times.

The roads and fly-overs in and around Delhi are pretty impressive. Their design is pretty good too. However, the traffic sense in New Delhi area is HORRIBLE. People only care about themselves and no-one else. Yesterday I witnessed 2 minor accidents within a span of 20 metres and 60 seconds. The auto rickshaw and buses are worse than they are anywhere in the world. People are also hot-headed (probably the sweltering heat gets to their brains). I have already seen 3-4 quarrels and fights as people easily give in to road rage.

That’s it for now. I’ll try to keep updating the blog every week. Shall also try to take more pics and upload them. Hopefully, I’ll buy a digital camera by next week. If not, I’ll take the low resolution snaps using my mobile and upload them.


Abhi said...


Nice to know that you are having a great time there. Most importantly, ur pet-puja is not affected :).

Small suggestion: Why dont you read something on weekends to get out of ur boredom? I know that you had some 3-4 books, to say the least, which u had plans to read.

Dont forgo your travel plans. But, buy some good books and try to read them.


Ashish said...

So plans to buy a digicam huh? cool - enjoy... i know it will be terribly boring on weekends there - but i guess when i had called u from Goa u were busy or somethin coz u kept the phone real fast... i can understand how it must be - it is purely reflected in ur post...

Do get a good load of the metro and tell me about how it is... maybe after I and U pass away (as u had once said) there will be one in Bangalore too ;)...